Daily Tech Thoughts

Scaling Your Programs With Documentations & Tutorials

You probably already know that you should be documenting every process you are running in your business – regardless of the scale of your business. Or not… Either way, that’s just the truth. At some point, you’re gonna have to document every step so that you either don’t forget it yourself OR your team members…

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No Matter What You’re Going Through, There IS Help

I didn’t know what to write about on the blog today. I have 15 minutes left before I leave the office. I knew this daily blog isn’t going to be about the “How To’s”. It’s more about being able to help at a higher level. I pulled up Youtube to take away my mind from…

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Must-Have Pages of Your Members Portal

When clients come to us to have their online course or membership portal built, they are often clueless as to what they need to have in it. They just want a place to direct their audience to. I often hear: “Well, what do you think I should have in it.” “I’ll defer to your expertise.”…

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