Daily Tech Thoughts

Past Due Invoices: What To Do? What’s The Best Practice?

Invoices. Subscriptions. Payments Plans. They all seem to be the same when you’re waiting for those late payments from your customers.  Ok, let me describe the situation at hand. You have these automatic payments set with your customers. You probably have a subscription plan, payment plans or invoice that you set up when clients sign…

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How To Start A Learning Module Site Or A Membership Site

Doesn’t it always start with “How do I start?”? Absolutely true. So how do you actually start? By now, reading this you either already have any idea in mind or not. Nothing in between. If you’re the one who already has an idea in mind, I bet you’re excited. You’re super excited to make your…

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Sneak Peek To My Day: Thank You Emails, Stripe, Launch Runthrough, Welcomed A Client, Mobile Apps, Quizzes and more!

Today is going to be short and sweet! 🙂 Today I want to give you a sneak peak of what I did today in the office, questions I answered and all other related things. Why?  Just maybe, their questions are your questions too or a specific thing I did was something you’ve been wondering how…

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