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“Complete Rockstars...
Wanna give a shout out to SophisTECHated Marketing & Developments Team for being complete rockstars through tech issues and setting up GORGEOUS dashboard for my products and membership sites. I highly recommend them! ♥ "

Kamila Gonia
Founder & CEO

We just did a successful launch. Hallelujah! This thing is taking flight finally!
Thanks for everything you guys do/have done to make my vision a reality!"

Rebecca Smith, MA
Founder & Director

“I'm head over heels...
My miraculous Gamification Expert, Charm Fernandez and her amazing team! The membership site exceeds alllll of my big expectations and entails features I've never seen anywhere else before... it's truuuly the Hogwarts for female entrepreneurs and I'm HEAD OVER HEELS IN LOVE!"

Lexi D'Angelo

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