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At Sophistechated Marketing & Developments, we value our clients as one of the most important assets of our organization. Our clients experience an utmost luxury service from us. We initiate on planning tasks and projects that we know will tremendously benefit our clients' revenue.


We ensure that not only do we provide you the tech support that you need but also provide you with leading solutions and ways to make sure you strive in your industry.

As a holistic digital marketing agency, Authentic Presence helps its clients create beautiful, profitable online courses and membership sites. They are experts at the strategy & logistics of growing holistic business online – with an authentic voice.


We have partnered with Authentic Presence to help more and more leading online authentic educators who are making a difference in the world.


The Low Tox Life provides real support for real people wanting to make better choices for their health and our planet, and while it all started back in 2010 with a few recipes and articles it is now a blog, 6 E-Courses, a podcast, a thriving social community on Facebook and Instagram and now, too, a BOOK.


We have partnered with Low Tox Life to provide their members seamless user experience to get her more people transform their lifestyle! To date, we have now completed 10th launch of their signature course, Go Low Tox!

The Holistic Coach Training Institute was founded by wife and husband team Beverly and Richard Sartain with the intention to empower holistic professionals to become credentialed coaches so that they can live their highest potential while being of service aligned with their higher purpose.


We've partnered with Beverly and Richard to provide assistance in creating massive change in the world with amazing people like them. We help them fulfill their dreams and in this way, we may not be experts at Holistic Coaching but we sure are proud to be part of that change in people's lives.

Founder of Profitable Lifestyle Live and owner of Time, Money & Happiness Matters, as a Profitable Lifestyle designer, Jennifer helps driven professionals love their career and fully love their lives. Jennifer is a Tiny Habits Certified Coach, Cash Injection Specialist and Motivational Speaker and Author.


At the beginning, Sophistechated Marketing & Developments helped her revamp her learning module systems and automation. From here on, we've provided her helped with multiple course launches at the same time maintain her site and provided support for her students.

Zenplicity is a marketing agency that helps build results-driven relationships with subscribers. Their proven marketing strategies help connect with ideal clients so their clients can share, sell and teach what they love. Zenplicity is also an Infusionsoft Certified Partner.


We love partnering with Zenplicity because they bring out the best and all possibilities a membership site can have thus providing clients with exclusive features that certainly improves program marketing and, of course, boosts revenue.


Society of Certified Senior Advisors

Professional Testing Inc partnered with us to migrate and build a brand new membership and certification site for Society of Certified Senior Advisors. This project required a lot of custom designs and coding.

Professional Testing, Inc., headquartered in Orlando, Florida, with offices in Denver, Colorado and the Metropolitan Washington D.C. area, is a full-service provider of assessment, evaluation, and certification services.

We are eager to help Professional Testing with their next certification and licensure members portal projects coming up real soon!

Perform Happy

Complete Performance Coaching

Complete Performance Coaching is a team of highly skilled Performance Coaches. They help young athletes with big dreams build lasting confidence. They each specialize in different sports, and offer unique strengths that will allow you or your child to reach peak performance + maximum enjoyment.


In 2017, Rebecca, owner of Complete Performance Coaching, came to us to help her build her first ever membership site. We have created her site with our Membership Site In A Box and it was a hit! Today, we have done a lot of things together to improve her member experience. This includes, but not limited to, redesigning her site massively to improve user experience specific to her audience.


These are just a few of our projects throughout our years in business. What does yours look like? Click Here for a consultation.

We help businesses build a reputable online business and increase sales through our Strategic & Functional Tech Systems.