Time, Money & Happiness Matters


Founder of Profitable Lifestyle Live and owner of Time, Money & Happiness Matters, as a Profitable Lifestyle designer, Jennifer helps driven professionals love their career and fully love their lives. Jennifer is a Tiny Habits Certified Coach, Cash Injection Specialist and Motivational Speaker and Author. At the beginning, Sophistechated Marketing & Developments helped her revamp her learning module systems and automation. From here on, we've provided her helped with multiple course launches at the same time maintain her site and provided support for her students.


Profitable Lifestyle Inner Circle: Full Stack System, Automation and Pages Revamp, Gamification + Maintenance

Profitable Lifestyle Mastery: Design, Build Out, System & Email Automation + Maintenance

Clickfunnel Sales Pages: Profitable Lifestyle Series, Client Attraction Accelerator, Profit Potential Accelerator, C.A.L.M Club, Event Experience Accelerator, and more.

Dash To Cash: System Revamp, Launch Monitoring, Site Update, Sales Materials, Member Support

Profitable Lifestyle Live Virtual Event: (2020) Attendees only access automation, pages, graphics, gamifications, points systems and live systems monitoring.

Client Attraction Accelerator: Full Stack System, Automation, Sales Materials, Students Pages Build Out + Maintenance

C.A.L.M. Club Full Stack System, Automation, Sales Materials, Students Pages Build Out + Maintenance

Other Programs with Full Stack/Revamp : Unique Brilliance, Time Saving Stacking System, Event Accelerator and more.


Clickfunnel Sales Pages, Brand Board and Marketing Materials

With our experience and expertise in Clickfunnels, we were able to help Jen build profitable sales pages and full stack sales funnels on her preferred platform, Clickfunnels. We've built out automation and pages complete with sales, order bumps, upsell, downsell and thank you pages and integrated them with her membership site which is separate from her sales platform.


Automation and Email Dripping

Jennifer has multiple programs that all require intricate automations. We've created those for her but THE most complex one, that we are so very proud of, is her newest Profitable Lifestyle Inner Circle program. We've strategized points systems, badges, sophisticated cancellation and freeze automation and automated unlocking of courses depending on how long you've been in the program.