Daily Tech Thoughts

Past Due Invoices: What To Do? What’s The Best Practice?

May 4, 2021

Invoices. Subscriptions. Payments Plans. They all seem to be the same when you’re waiting for those late payments from your customers.  Ok, let me describe the situation at hand. You have these automatic payments set with your customers. You probably have a subscription plan, payment plans or invoice that you set up when clients sign…

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Lucrative Programs With Teams & Licensing

April 8, 2021

Teams and licenses may sound new to most online program creators. It’s not very common as it’s typically not necessary for most programs.  Offering your courses in bulk to say companies, families, groups of people is a very lucrative way to sell your courses. There’s not a lot of crazy details when it comes to…

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What You Need To Know About Offering Subscriptions

April 6, 2021

You’ve either been offering subscriptions or you’re wanting to. It looks easy on the front-end. It looks promising and looks very lucrative. Right? Those are all true but you need to know what you need to know first. Otherwise you’ll end up regretting having added subscriptions to your offers at all.  So when do you…

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