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No Matter What You’re Going Through, There IS Help

I didn’t know what to write about on the blog today. I have 15 minutes left before I leave the office. I knew this daily blog isn’t going to be about the “How To’s”. It’s more about being able to help at a higher level.

I pulled up Youtube to take away my mind from what I needed to write about. See, how I write isn’t strategic. I’ve purposefully chosen that it will always be about what’s coming through me, what I’m being led to write about. 

So far, the feedback is amazing. I’ve had people coming to us for more help because of what they have read on the blog. 

I get the instant download in my head when I’m not forcing myself to think about it. 

So going back to Youtube, I was actually going to watch one of the shows the kids and I watch regularly. 

Then I saw this Youtube Originals series about Demi Lovato’s sober story. 

I watched till episode 2 and that’s when I heard the title of this blog. 

It wasn’t for me though – because I already know that. It was for the people who will read this blog. 

So let’s begin.

What you need at the moment may or may not be crazy serious but what I want to say is that, there’s so much help online.

I know social media and most of the stuff online are stupid shitty. However, the truth is, it’s only shitty when you let shit enter your life. 

Let me explain.

I don’t get shitty stuff on my social media – well, I only have Facebook – because I decided I will only have Facebook.

And in my news feed, I only see videos of paintings, cooking, animal crossing and the like. I’ve curated my feed to show only those that serve me.

So don’t ask me about some kind of news, some kind of celebrity “thing”, some kind of trend, some kind of conspiracy because I know nothing of those. 

You may say I’m not well-informed or I’m in a bubble or I have to know these things. First of all, you may say whatever you want – doesn’t really affect me. Second, no one can tell me what I have and not have to do. So might as well keep it to yourself. 


If you want my opinion… I’d rather let go of things that I don’t have control over than stress out about them. Regardless if I believe in these conspiracies or learn the shitty news – nothing’s going to change anyway so I’ll just leave it to those who actually enjoy it. I don’t.

Ok, so I had to put that out of the way because I’ve been hearing A LOT of people blaming technology and making it the bad guy.

Truth is, it is as neutral as it can be.

Those who are using it are the ones who make the decision as to what to use it for.

This circles me back to – THERE ARE A LOT OF HELP ONLINE!

Your best place to find help is ONLINE! At least to start!

Now, I’m not just talking about dead serious stuff like Demi’s case but even the simple ones that will make your life enjoyable.

And know that you too can start helping online! Build your own help portal/website or a simple blog.

Here are a few examples I’ve seen available that are about simple stuff:

  • Cooking
  • Baking
  • Cake Decorating
  • Gardening
  • Orchid specific gardening
  • Tulip specific gardening
  • Yoyo tricks
  • Painting
  • Drawing Anime
  • Wood Carving
  • Teaching Kids
  • Computer Programming (for kids even!)
  • Eating Healthy
  • Living a Low Toxin Life
  • Exercising
  • Body Building
  • Yoga
  • Mom stuff (like all mom stuff)
  • Newborn Baby stuff
  • Playing Poker
  • Weight Loss
  • Becoming Better Athletes
  • Pet stuff (from cats, to dogs, to horses, to fishes and so much more!)
  • Knitting
  • Crocheting
  • Guitar Lessons
  • Piano Lessons
  • Tours

And then there are those deeper learning stuff:

  • Meditation
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Recovery from substance (Yes, there are a lot out there! I’ve seen them and have worked on building sites for those!)
  • Surviving Cancer community
  • Business Growth
  • Relationship Growth
  • Marriage
  • Parenting

There are seriously so many. What I have here is not even hitting the 1% of it.

This is for both those who need help and those who are wanting to offer help. 

Each of us are in some way on both sides. You can search online and consume anything you want to learn about. You can also start teaching what you know about!

And this is exactly why I love what we’re doing in our company. We may not know how to teach all these stuff but we get to help those who do know so that they can impact more and more people. We, in return, fulfill our mission to impact thousands more by doing what we do.

Remember, There’s Always Help!


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