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Why We Don’t Use And Recommend Divi Builder

It used to be a “Divi Craze” some few years ago. I can’t even remember when that was. Don’t get me wrong. 

Divi is great!

When it works..

Or when you don’t have a lot of content on your page or site..

Beyond that, it’s a pain!

This is the exact reason why we moved all our clients away from Divi. We’ve built long form sales pages on Divi and sites like those have nothing else but a single sales page most of the time. The moment you go over about three scrolls with images and all, you’re doomed.

We’ve had clients with membership sites from basic to advanced features…

Exact. Same. Thing.

(Little Background: So for those of you who don’t know. Divi is a theme with builder on WordPress websites. Builders on WordPress helps you easily create beautiful pages without knowing any coding at all.)

Even until now, there have been quite a few business owners who come to us after having some other company build their site on Divi and this is definitely one of their complaints.

What’s more painful is that, most of the time you can’t do anything. 

T.R.U.T.H.  B.E.  T.O.L.D.

Not even upgrading your server or hosting package can help. 

This is why most of them just tells us, they wished they hired us in the first place. 

See, my priority is to make sure it is best for our clients first and not because it’s easier for us or it’s what we’re used to. It doesn’t matter if it’ll take us longer, as long as it will be much easier in the long run.

There are a few things you can do I guess but I don’t even know if I want to write about that. Maybe on a separate blog but I’m thinking, what’s the point?

My goal for writing this in the first place is warn you!

If you’re building a new site – USE SOMETHING ELSE!

Don’t rely on workarounds!

Don’t. Rely. On. Workarounds!

It will NOT serve you!

Ok, so what can you use?

These 2 WordPress builder plugins that we recommend are mostly used by highly functioning websites – because they are reliable!!

Beaver Theme + Builder


These two are the bomb dot com!

They are very easy to use and, like I said, are very reliable. I can’t even think of an issue with any of these 2. 

What do you do if you’re already on Divi?

Hmm.. friend..

Let me just have my BIG sigh first…


Ok, first off, see if you can plan to move now vs later. By “now”, I mean within the next 2-3 months.

YES! You need that much time to prepare and execute! Please don’t rush things when it comes to tech! I’ll write about that in the future – but for now, just put that at the back of your mind accessible to you at anytime *wink*.

If you can’t move soon, try later in the year, but know that the more content accumulating on your site, the bigger the project will be. So definitely weigh your benefits vs risks.

If you’re not experiencing the lag yet, , then good for you! By the way, it isn’t just lag, sometimes after waiting for a long a long time, IT WOULD JUST CRASH – together with your heart LOL!

As early as now, try separating content into many pages. Try to avoid using 1 page as a hub for many pages with many links and many images. Take note though, this doesn’t guarantee anything either. We just find that it works sometimes doing this.

And also know that my suggestion above means limiting your design, usability, user experience and proper navigation for ease of use. 


You gotta do what you gotta do when you know there’s something you gotta do, right?

So there you go.

This has been my day today. Figuring out our plans for one of our clients, who’s been having crazy heart-crashing experience right now with this exact issue.

I sure do hope this helped you in some way, shape or form!

Remember: Tech is a way to success, just don’t settle for less. 🙂


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