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How Custom Is Your Custom LMS – Part 2

So yesterday, I shared a few of the custom web applications we’ve built throughout our years in business. Read here if you haven’t already.

Continuing on from yesterday, here are more options that might get that light bulb on top of your head lit up! 

With these here, I’m actually not sure how to categorize them, so I’ll just give them to you straight and let you know what it does and how it helps!

Personalized Member File Storage (Google Drive & Dropbox)

We’ve heard too many cries before wanting some sort of connection to a third party storage. This is most common for higher level mentorship or 1:1 consulting.

How it works

You can assign specific users to a specific folder inside your Google Drive or Dropbox. Your users can upload their files to the same folder via the site, they can view all files in that folder whether or not they uploaded it themselves or the admin did. 

This is a stand-alone plugin that DOES NOT require any connection to any other plugin, theme or builder. 

This helps a lot of online consultants or coaches. Their members or users now don’t need to have gmail or dropbox accounts to see their files without compromising security.

Typeform Integration

Usually, when you want your members or students to fill out a form, you could see their answers either by logging into the form builder or via email. This is tough when you get quite a lot of members. It would also mean you’ll need to cross-reference each time.

With our typeform integration, you can connect typeform to your site. The site will then receive the data from there you can assign it to a specific user (if the email used is not in the system yet) or the system will automatically assign it to the user with the same email address used in the form. Amazing right?

Task Management

Sometimes, you want to assign tasks to your members or students. This might be part of their curriculum and all involved parties need to know who’s going to do it, when the due date is and all other details. 

That is why we’ve built this amazing custom web app where you can do exactly that! Plus so much more but we’ll stick to this one for now!

Bookmarks & Favorites

Don’t you wish you could just save where you left off, or put all of your favorite lessons and pages in one area where you can easily access them? 

Yah, few of our clients had the same wish. This is why we’ve added Bookmarks & Favorites as another amazing plugin.

It’s pretty straightforward, nothing much to explain. 

So, again, there’s probably a whole lot more we’ve built. These here are a few of what I think most online educators want to have on their platform as well. 

We’re exploring a lot more custom web applications and I cannot wait to share with you new innovations and expansions to help you spread your passion to the world!

Cheers to your success!


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