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CEU: Using certification portals to support your continuing education program offers.

We’ve had quite a few sites built with the ability to apply Continuing Education Units to certification members lately. So I thought, it’d be great for businesses around the same realm to see what’s actually possible for them. So let’s dive right in!

Before all that though, what are CE’s and who uses it?

According to Settlement.Org:

Continuing education are courses that let you develop your knowledge and skills in a specific area.

Continuing education courses are offered to adults in the community by local schools boards, colleges and universities. These courses can be on everything from web design to philosophy to art appreciation. Some schools may offer certificate programs, but usually, the focus of continuing education is on non-credit courses that allow you to develop a specific area of interest.

Most CE applications normally are just manually entered by an actual admin person. As soon as the member completes a certain task, training or course, the admin person would add the CE units to their system to be submitted for accreditation.

With the sites we’ve built that are capable of giving CEs, most are the same except that it’s more automated. 

  1. Behavioral
    One example is that then they complete a full course, they would be able to get a certain number of CE units automatically. These all get added automatically as well.

    Another example is giving CE units for every lesson that has been completed. This requires progress tracking and as soon as it gets to a 100% CEs are released.
  2. A Way To Download & Print Certificates

    It’s very engaging for the users to not only see numbers but also have something printable for them to present or even just display showing off their accomplishments. This is also possible on an automated CE system.

  1. Automated Certificates

    The most common question automating certificates would be “how can we set the name and other details dynamic?” This is very easy with AccessAlly. It basically does all the job of the admin. 🙂
  1. Capability to Submit Other Eligible CE Units

    There are some instances where members attend other training programs that also grant CE units. This is where the capability to submit CEs for approval comes in. At the time of writing this, human intervention is still best when it comes to approvals. Hence, this system NOT ONLY provides the ability to submit but also has it’s own approval process. It’s technically 2 systems built in 1. 

There you have it!

Let’s keep it at that for now. I will, for sure, have some more to share with you down the road when it comes to applying CE units to your members portal. 

I hope this helps you and gives you a few ideas if you’re in a similar industry. 


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